"My Aunt Betty used to have a big mouth. Since I discovered Fuck Off Tape, not so much anymore.

- Xavier, Battle Creek, MI


Shopping cart dings ruined my life. Then I started using Fuck Off Tape to create a militarized perimeter around my Prius. Problem solved. Thanks Fuck Off Tape!

Nancy R. Cherry Hill, NJ


My doctor gave me six months to live. However, after I wrapped his new Porsche in Fuck Off Tape, he gave me six more!

Barry, Concord, CA


I bought a roll for my sister, who is going through a super nasty divorce. Since then she has ordered six more rolls. She got the house, the car, and the beachfront condo! Way to go Fuck Off Tape!

John, Winter Park, FL


Kids used to write in my new concrete sidewalks, even when I used caution tape. But since I started using Fuck Off tape, and patrolling the area with a rottweiler and a .44 magnum, the kids have been staying indoors.

Sal, Queens, NY


My boyfriend Mark used to beat me when he got drunk. But Fuck Off Tape, and a PFA order cleared that right up! Thanks again, FO Tape!


My math teacher gave me an "F" on my final exam. Check out this word problem teach: How many yards of Fuck Off Tape does it take to wrap your shitty Dodge Neon in Fuck off Tape? You guessed it: exactly 500 feet. Way to go FUCK OFF TAPE!

John, Seattle, WA